Completing the Coltivare Maps

Project-Based Learning Course ALEX 249: Coltivare Art & Design Class
Chair & Assistant Professor Christine J. Shanks: Project-Based Learning course  for client Coltivare restaurant.
Here are some photographs of the scale and completion of the maps created for Coltivare in the Project-Based Learning course for client Coltivare restaurant. Local Craftsman Anthony Smith donated his time to help the student’s 2D designs become wonderful physical pieces of art. Scott A. Ponton of  Preserving History in Freeville, NY, donated some beautiful old barn wood with chipping-off red paint that we used for the background of the cork map. He also donated the gorgeous piece that was used for the Finger Lakes Farm Map key. Truly excellent stuff!
We learned some important lessons about the vector etch/cutter. When making complex cuts, cut lines cannot be covered up with a white box.  Even though the line is no longer visible in the vector image, the laser cutter still receives a signal from the hairline to make a cut. The vector file must be made correctly, using no shortcuts.  
As always, no project is without problems to overcome, especially as a deadline approaches. With mixed media projects, especially experimental work, you must pad your schedule to allow for the inevitable setbacks. Mockups are important to avoid wasted time and material in the final creation. Mockup after mockup, from on-screen to physical, is needed to ensure that everything works as planned. Even after taking these precautions, you still may run into small, unforeseen design issues.  

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