Coltivare Magazine

Project-Based Learning Course ALEX 249: Coltivare Art & Design Class
Chair & Assistant Professor Christine J. Shanks: Project-Based Learning course  for client Coltivare restaurant

Students in the Project-Based Learning course, taught by Graphic Design Department Chair & Asst. Prof. Christine J. Shanks, had the unique opportunity of working with client Coltivare restaurant in Ithaca to create a magazine that tells the story of Coltivare and its connection to Tomkins Cortland Community College’s educational programs, local farms, and the surrounding community. The students not only designed the magazine, but they created almost all of its content, including hand drawn graphics and type, photography, interviews, and written articles. It was a tough job researching a story as vast as Coltivare’s and determining the most important elements to include in the 20-page magazine.

Graphic Designer and Digital and Social Media Manager Julianna Truesdale and Creative Director and Designer Tim Youngs, from Communiqué Design and Marketing, helped guide the students to create a piece that was aligned with Coltivare’s existing brand.

Below is the magazine in full as a PDF and also some photographs of the notes from our critiques with Julianna and Tim from Communiqué and Tompkins Cortland Community College’s Graphic Designer Jennica Petrella-Baum and Director of Communications Bryan Chambala.

Read the whole completed magazine here: Coltivare-mag-with-covers-low

Check out some photographs of feedback and changes after checking out the magazine above, critiques are the BEST!


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