Coltivare Projects Dedication

Project-Based Learning Course ALEX 249: Coltivare Art & Design Class
Chair & Assistant Professor Christine J. Shanks: Project-Based Learning course  for client Coltivare restaurant

I’d like to thank all those who worked hard and really donated their efforts in the creation of the projects for the Tompkins Cortland Community College’s Project-Based Learning course for the school’s restaurant Coltivare. The students (seen above in our dedication panels) really worked hard to create some unique professional pieces for their client.

Melissa Sprole
Liz Boheim
Chad Trimm
Matthew Valvo
Molly Andrejko
Kim Cote
Rose Pinnisi
Ben Gallegos
Drew Towers

Of course the class wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts, donations and collaboration of others. We’d like to thank:

Local artisan and craftsman Anthony Smithwho volunteered his time to help the two map projects become reality. He taught us all about fabrication, lighting, wood finishing, and presentation. He educated all of the designers on how to transform a 2D onscreen design into a physical 3D form ready for exhibition. The Finger Lakes Local Partner’s Map team wonderfully demonstrated what true teamwork and collaboration should be. It was amazing to watch this project, which was uncharted territory for all us, develop into a stunning showpiece for Coltivare, Tompkins Cortland Community College, and all of the restaurant’s local farm partners.

Our client, the Coltivare Team, partnered in this process. A special “Thank You” goes to:

  • Jason Sidle, Coltivare’s Director of Operations, who helped fund the project and brainstorm the course with Christine Shanks from the beginning. 
  • Brian Kalata, Chef/Chair/Lead Full-Time Professor of the TC3 Culinary Arts Program, who was a great resource and advocate throughout the process. 
  • General Manager Don Dunham , who was a great host and support to us all. 
  • Creative Director Tim Youngs and Digital and Social Media Manager Julianna Truesdale , who are the designers from Communiqué  responsible for creating and maintaining Coltivare’s strong brand, generously donated their time to present the students with an inside look into the development of the restaurant’s brand, to visit our college to critique the progress on the projects, and to help the students create a magazine that fell in line with the restaurant’s brand guidelines. 
  • The team from Tompkins Cortland Community College’s External Relations, especially Graphic Designer Jennica Petrella-Baum and Director of Communications Bryan Chambala, for their generous critiques, final looks, and help providing resources.

We are thankful for a special donation of beautiful weathered barn wood that we used for both the Finger Lakes Local Partners and Cork Wine and Brew maps from local craftsman and barn wood restorer Scott A. Ponton of Preserving History in Freeville.

We appreciate all those from Tompkins Cortland Community College, who we interviewed and with whom we discussed ideas, for supporting us with feedback, resources, and opportunities: Dean of Instruction Carl Penziul,  Brandon Seager, Todd McLane, Taylor Reid, Keewi Haller, Lauren Lowman, Mike Love, and Dean of External Relations Bruce Ryan.

We want to recognize and thank Tompkins Cortland Community College student Hunter Senecal for his help in fabricating the cork map.

I wish to thank my amazing mother, Mary Jane Shanks, who generously proofread and edited all of the writing the students did for the magazine.

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