Mockups & Experimentation Maps

Project-Based Learning Course ALEX 249: Coltivare Art & Design Class
Chair & Assistant Professor Christine J. Shanks: Project-Based Learning course  for client Coltivare restaurant

Creating work that will become a physical design, existing off 2D surfaces like a screen and paper, is a process. Of course you start on paper, then move to digital, but then….then you must begin creating physical mockups and experimenting with materials.

The students in Chair & Assistant Professor Christine J Shanks project-based learning course for client Coltivare experimented with stains, glues, small scale mockups, materials like wood, glues, thickness of wood, metal, magnets, etc. We solved many problems we could not solve on the computer by actually playing with the materials. You should never wonder “will this work” before you begin creating the final piece. You should know it will, because you researched, experimented and created small scale mockups. We even printed and cut full size paper mockups of the final counties in the wooden Finger Lakes Local Partners map before moving onto the laser etcher/cutter to cut the final wooden pieces. We wanted to ensure the size of the map was correct and that the counties fit together well before cutting. Prior to that we did a smaller scale wooden mock up and starting working out satins and kinks in the design.

Above are some photographs of creating mockups, experimenting and doing physical research to ensure the final products would be amazing, and they truly are!



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